Black Booties

Socks: Garage

Booties: H&M


Hey squad! 

I hope you are all enjoying your Memorial Day! Let’s of course soak in the awesome weather and time with family and friends, but also take time to remember why we have this day off in the first place! I want to say thank you to all of those who have fought for the safety of our country and I promise you’ll never be forgotten. 

So I am going to try to interweave new writing with stories that I have already written just so I can continue to get more feedback on everything that I do! So thus far you guys have gotten a taste of what I can come up with on the spot, but today I’m going to introduce a snippet of a chapter that I already have written. If it is well received I’ll keep on posting more in the future! But of course just let me know what you guys want to read from me! So here we goooo….!

  The knock on my door was soft but unnecessary. My eyes had been open for the last twenty minutes, my body unable to move out of shock that today was finally the day. I had prepared myself for this day for the last five months and now that it was here…I couldn’t believe it.
  I walked past the oversized chair in the corner to stare at the preserved outfit that had been waiting for wear since my eyes glided over the “Congratulations” written in the letter. A ghost of a smile touched my lips as I threw myself into the shower, allowing the hot
steamy water to attack my still slightly chilled back. I wiped away the crunchy sleep from the corner of my left eye and hopped a little in place, my nervous energy having nowhere to go.

Today was the day. 

So there it is! The story this comes from is called Intoxicated and if you’d like to read more, I’ll gladly post it! So like always, if you have your own ootd that you’d like me to write a little snippet about or just want to talk, you know I’m just a message away! Have an awesome day!

Until next time team x 


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