Stripe Shirt + Black Skirt

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset
Crop Top: Pitaya                 Skirt: Forever 21

You step closer to him and he instantly gets the hint, wrapping his arm around your shoulder so that you can borrow some of his warmth. The day had been a beautiful one, great weather and not a cloud in the sky, but as night fell and took the sun’s rays, the warm air left with it. The boardwalk was gorgeous at night, the lights of games and the Ferris wheel from this distance made them look like stars that hung too close to the earth. Your black skirt lightly fluttered in the breeze and you shivered again as goosebumps worked their way up your thighs. Your striped crop top wasn’t helping to keep the chill away and you regretted not grabbing the white cardigan you were on the verge of bringing right before you left this morning. “Are you cold?” He looked down at you and as the breeze picked up a little, you didn’t have to answer because another shiver danced down your spine. He steered you towards a bench and you cuddled close to him, his arms easily wrapping around you. The two of you whispered about highlights of the day before the whispers turned into soft confessions about your feelings for each other and even as the wind picked up and carried some of the words away, it didn’t matter. Both of you knew how much you cared for each other.

Well that’s that! If you think this outfit is cute, let me know! If you have your own super cute ootd then feel free to send it to me and I’ll make a little personalized description for you and feature on here!

Until next time team x


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