The Love Triangle

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Welcome back for another installment of “talk it out”! (I imagined like a catchy jingle playing while typing that). So I hope you thought the free will post was at least the slightest bit thought provoking, and I hope you feel the same about today’s topic. Now, due to my summer job, I have quite a bit of time to read. And by that I mean that I have had enough time to finish at least 40 book since the middle of May and as much as I love getting swept up in a good story, there is something that keeps bugging me. We all know that every story has a lead protagonist and usually, more often than not, said protagonist is faced with two love options. If she’s a girl, usually it’s the bad boy vs. the childhood best friend; and if it’s a boy usually it’s the overlooked bestie vs the cheerleader or the super mysterious intellectual. No matter what the plot or genre of the story, the protagonist finds themselves on some type of journey and throughout it they find their heart being pulled in different directions. I don’t mind that because it adds to the story and it’s fun to follow the character as they try to make sense of their own feelings. But what leaves me feeling quite upset is that every story ends with one couple and one person on the side. And I understand that authors can’t just sum up a story by having the characters agree to a three person relationship, but what I don’t understand is, why must there be one person left out?

The thing is, usually both options are suitable choices for the protagonist; that’s what makes the love plot of a story interesting. Readers pick sides and root for whoever they want and that’s lovely and all, but as the page numbers dwindle and the lead character declares where their heart lies, I can’t help but feel bad for the person who is left over. Usually they agree to staying friends with the character because not having them at all is worse than sitting by and being a good friend instead of the boy/girl friend. Personally, I think that is one of the greatest demonstrations of love out there which only breaks my heart more. I do understand that it is only a book and it’s not real, and therefore I shouldn’t get attached, but after having read so many books and seeing so many great guys and girls left standing alone as the love of their lives ride into the sunset with someone else, it just really started to get to me! I mean, how hard is it to throw in another mini character somewhere within the story who, by the end, starts to grow closer to the character that is left out, so that us as readers at least can let our imaginations run wild with the idea of them finding love within each other?

I am also curious as to where this trend began? There are plenty of stories where there is only one love interest from the very beginning, or there is a blatantly clear choice, but still, in my opinion at least, the love triangle plot holds a monopoly in the book world. And even though I am writing a post to explain my dislike for the love triangle plot, those tend to be my favorite type of books. Maybe the drama adds something or maybe it’s the realism of the situation, but with no question, some of my favorite books contain the dreaded love triangle, my heart going out to the left over person each and every time.

I don’t know, I just felt the intense need to see if anyone else felt the way I did about this. It’s for sure something to think about, and I would love to know what you guys think about it, so feel free to drop a comment or email!

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