Free Will

Hey Squad!

So today is my first official “talk it out” post and I have decided to tackle a topic that I have been thinking about for a while now and its name is: free will. Now, the dictionary defines free will as: the power of acting without constraint of necessity or fate; the ability to act on one’s own discretion, but I can’t help but wonder how true that definition is.

I personally do believe that everyone has and was given free will for a reason. I don’t believe that it can be taken away from you (except in extreme cases) but regardless, when it comes down to it, whatever actions you choose are for the most part, your own actions. If it is something as simple as choosing what to eat for breakfast or what college to apply to or something larger like saying “I do”,  the point is that no one else can make that decision for you. At a young age, sure, there are a lot more restrictions but essentially, one is still able to wield their free will. I find this extremely empowering because it means the world is your oyster! (I’ve never really understood that saying, but I know it fits in this situation). Sure some places are harder to reach than others and it doesn’t mean that everyone is going to make all the right moves and therefore end up as a millionaire or something, but it does mean that wherever they do end up, can be chalked up to their own doing. The world is full of examples; kids growing up in less than ideal situations yet ending in a life that is quite the opposite, and even those who start off at the top and have a fall from grace end up their because of what they did with their free will.

And as wonderful as all of that sounds, I can’t ignore the tiny thread of thought in my mind that questions if all of those actions we perform on a day to day basis are actually our own. What if everything, the clothing we wear and the people we meet, is actually predetermined and fate/God/the cosmos are just amusing us. Giving us options and allowing us to think we are painters of our own lives when in reality, we are just sheep being herded by omnipresent shepherds? I mean, with that idea comes the question of why would they allow for atrocities to occur but in their defense, wouldn’t that blow their cover? If everyone ended up happy and there was absolutely no bad in the world, then somewhere deep down inside society would have to know that something was off, that there were bigger things at play. And as much as I would jump at the opportunity for everyone to end up happy and to rid the world of the negativity in it, I have a feeling people wouldn’t be very happy with knowing they were just passengers on the ride that is their life. I think most people would prefer to have choices, even if it is merely for show.

I don’t know, I just find my mind constantly returning to the debate lately. I have been doing so many things differently,I feel like I am in control of my life more than I have been in a while. But how do I know that all of this, me starting a fashion Instagram or even making this blog, wasn’t fixed ahead of time? What if my whole life was planned out wayy before I was even a blip on my parents’ radar, and now I am going down the fixed road with the naive notion that I picked the path all on my own.

It’s for sure something to think about, and I would love to know what you guys think about it, so feel free to drop a comment or email!

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Until next time team. x


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