Black and White Kimono

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
Kimono: Forever 21.           Shorts: Forever 21.             Crop Top: Charlotte Russe

You wrap both of your hands around the gray ceramic mug, allowing the heat to radiate into your palms and up to the tiny goosebumps on your arms. You smile to yourself, glad that you snagged your kimono at the last second because although the sun was causing the air outside to nearly vibrate with heat, you knew better. Your black shorts and crop top were wonderful for strolling along outside, but there was always a tiny chill here inside the comfort of your favorite coffee shop. A chill that was perfectly combated by rays of light when you sat at the tiny table right beside the window. Tentatively you bring the cup to your lips, jumping a little when you find out that the caramel liquid is still bitingly hot, but willing it to flow over your tongue anyway before letting out a content sigh and cracking open the new book you had bought just before coming here.  

Well that’s that! If you think this outfit is cute, let me know! If you have your own super cute ootd then feel free to send it to me and I’ll make a little personalized description for you and feature on here!

Until next time team x


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